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Property for sale

Zen Villa Bali For Sale AU $45,000 

Zen Villa Bali Living area

The current lease runs to 2025 and is then renewable for a further 20 years. An English version of the lease is available.

The lease is granted over the land and valued on unimproved value ( The lower rate of valuation ).

The current lease expires in 2025 then you can renew for another 20 years. The Lessor of the land has leased the entire Resort area for 40 years, and each renewal is done individually.

The process of sale and purchase is relatively simple.

A sale agreement is entered into between the Lessee and the Purchaser for an agreed price and date of transfer.
Austrindo Australian/Indonesian Law Office in Bali handles the paperwork.

A deposit of 10% and balance of payment can be held in trust by your Solicitor here in Australia, and each party can send their payment for legal expenses etc individually to Austrindo Bali. Settlement is made on the date of transfer of the lease. 

We are selling the entire villa inclusive of all furniture, fittings, A/C systems, linen, garden statues, plunge pool etc etc. With this goes the balance of the existing lease, plus the right of renewal for another 20 years. The new lease of 20 years will be determined at the time of renewal by way of land value Not improved value So in other words the villa is sold as a going concern.

I would be happy to continue to market the villa if you were to purchase. The commission rate is 10%.


The Resort itself is off site Managed by 2 Expats. They charge us monthly for electricity, water tax, pool chemicals, cable TV, and then every 6 months we pay levies of $3450 for the maintenance of the grounds, mowing the lawn area at the villa, the plunge pool, the pool pump and any other minor items like blown bulbs on the outside of the villa. The 6 monthly levy also covers reception, Security Guards in place 24/7 and the supply of filtered water to the villa, plus of course electricity mains supply to the villa, and septic tank management. We are also part of a small group of owners who have the exclusive use of a Genset to provide power to the villa in the case of disruption of mains supply.

The Villa is currently leased from July 2022 to end of June 2023 for AU $14,000pa


Zen Villa front entrance.



INCOME $37,244





Levies $7741

Villa Cleans Etc $5500

Cable TV $1360

Web site exp $200

Room Tax $1215


Total Exp = $18,477

Net Income = $18,767

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