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Croc moves into Palm Cove Resort

A CROCODILE that has been found living in the natural lagoon of a Palm Cove resort is likely to be “very shy”.

Contractors for the Department of Environment and Science are trying to capture a 1.5m long saltwater crocodile that has been spotted several times in a small watercourse at Sanctuary resort, in the beachside suburb.

The reptile is believed to have swum into the lagoon from a creek running from the beach.

Cairns based ecologist Brian Ross said he doubted the croc posed a danger, but agreed it did need to be removed.

“It’s very likely not going to hurt anyone unless someone is not watching their two-year-old toddler, and the kid decides to go and do butterfly in the pond,” he said.

“I think you would have to be pretty unlucky.

“It’s going to take a dog before it takes anything else, but then again it’s 1.5m.

“It’s the size of a freshie, so it’s going to have the same kind of habits – it will be very shy, and very timid.

“By the time it gets bigger, it’s going to need to be moved out, anyway.”

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